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The bar is always open and we aim to satisfy your every wish for food or drink from the first light of day until late at night.

There are 3 bars at Whitebeach where you can enjoy a cool drink or an ice-cream, sip a delicious cocktail with fresh fruit, have a snack , a sandwich or salad, enjoy some dessert or cakes all while surfing the net with the free Wi-Fi connection in the main bar.

During the day the bar transforms from being a welcoming coffee bar in the morning to a relaxing lounge area in the evening serving a selection of creative Italian and international cocktails prepared by expert barmen whilst listening to good music and taking part in a show.

From the main bar you can also go to the nearby Relaxation zone with the comfortable sofas and armchairs, an ideal location where you can meet up with your friends and family and listen to good music and pass an entertaining evening with fashion shows, dances, theme parties, live music and DJ Set.




An authentic life style where surprises will make your summer an unforgettable one. Whether you’re on holiday or just having a day at the beach you’ll have lots to do and great events that will make your days full of fun and special.

From the afternoon onwards in the bar there will be lots going on : music, beach parties till sunset, the lounge bar for after dinner drinks and exclusive parties until late at night.

You can book a private table so that you can enjoy a great evening with your friends and celebrate with a bottle of champagne or international spirits. Whitebeach will be an amazing unforgettable experience for you and it will be our pleasure to make it so.